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Warhammer 40,000 Core Rule Book


The Warhammer: 40,000 Core book is an essential purchase for any 40k fan- its 368 full colour pages are packed with everything you need to venture into the 41st millennium as you collect, build, paint, and battle with your miniatures

Learn about the rich lore of the grim darkness of the far future. The Imperium of man, besieged on all sides by hostile alien forces, and in peril on all levels form the physical to the psychic and spiritual, as dark forces seek to destroy humanity from within.

Learn the rules of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game.
Find out how to play battles in the grim darkness of the far future, as the rules of the game are explained over all seven phases of a turn, Command, Movement, Psychic, Shooting, Charge, Fight, and Morale.

Additional content also tells you

How to play missions and build an army, using either power levels or points.
The difference between Battle-forged and unbound armies, and the Command Points that Battle-forged armies can use in combat.
The different battlefield roles your miniatures can play and how these can combine in 11 detachments you can use to organise your forces.
The seven core stratagems that every army can use
How to use reserves to place some of your forces off the battlefield, ready to swoop in at your command.
Actions, where your models perform mission-critical things like plant explosives, hack terminals, or perform dark rituals.
Terrain rules to define how hills, buildings, craters, and other scenic elements play a vital role on the battlefield.
Hints and tips to help you create exciting and balanced battlefields so your games are fair and interesting.

Warhammer: 40,000 has three main ways to play:

Open Play

Open play is where (almost) anything goes, just get your favourite miniatures on the table and play out epic battles. This play style is based on the Open Hostility mission pack, a 12-step guide to everything needed to play an Open Play game, from assembling forces setting up the table to the final victory in three exclusive missions.

Matched Play
Matched play is the ultimate test of Warhammer:40,000 generalship, designed so players can play closely-matched, balanced games, where the balance of victory is in the decisions made by each army’s commander.

The Eternal War Mission Pack is a 16-step guide to playing matched play missions. Find out how to choose the size of your battle, assemble your forces, and create a battlefield. Choose from 18 specially-designed missions, each one being focused on a particular size of engagement, then choose from 17 different secondary objectives to make each game unique.

Narrative Play

Learn about a new way to play Warhammer: 40,000 in the new Crusade system. This lets you take your collection of miniatures and take them out into the galaxy on a crusade for glory, vengeance, or just the jot of bloodshed. Your units will gain experience over games and level up to get new abilities and they create an epic narrative history that is theirs alone…

Find out:

How to start your Crusade force, and how it can develop and grow as it gains experience and levels over a series of games.
How to balance Crusade games so that even the lowliest force has a chance to take on a storied regiment of heroes.
Photocopiable Crusade cards and roster sheets to keep track of your force’s progress.
Battle Honours, explaining the different rewards and upgrades your units can earn.
Battle Scars, listing the lingering effects of war for those units who;ve taken punishment form the enemy.
How to set up and play a crusade game from start to finish
17 agendas for your crusade force to pursue.
18 specially-designed Crusade missions, each tailored to a specific size of game.

Rules Appendix
Finally, there is a useful reference section with the following items to explain rule sin more detail and to help players coming from previous iterations of the game.

Designer’s Commentary from rules designer Robin Cruddace
An alphabetised list of 174 existing weapons that gain the benefit of the Blast special rule
An alphabetised list of 22 existing miniatures/datasheets that gain the Aircraft keyword
A summary synopsis of 14 rarer rules/interactions that don’t often arise in games, but are important to keep a note of
A Rules Terms Glossary, which provides precise and exacting definitions of 142 separate rules terms to aid in resolving more complex rules interactions

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