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Plastic Recycling Scheme

Details of how you can send us our Games Workshop sprue’s and our policy regarding this scheme will be added here once we have finalised the details. 

The Games Den Plastic Sprue Recycling Scheme Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only polystyrene plastic sprue waste from Games Workshop will be accepted and eligible for The Games Den Recycling Credit.  Resin waste from any manufacturer including Games Workshop or polystyrene plastic waste from any other manufacturers will be disposed of through normal waste disposal.
  2. We will notify you if you send waste that is not eligible for the Recycling Credit and reserve the right to reduce future Recycling Credits to cover any costs borne by Games Den Ltd in receiving and disposing of ineligible waste. 
  3. We will only accept eligible plastic waste if it is returned to us with a fully completed Games Den Plastic Sprue Return Form.  You will be sent a form with any eligible purchase you make at or you can download a form here.
  4. Only fully completed Games Den Plastic Sprue Return Forms will be accepted.  It is important that all fields are completed in order for us to correctly process your plastic and credit your account with the Recycling Credit.
  5. Only 1 sprue return per calendar month per customer will be eligible for the Games Den Recycling Credit.  A sprue return is defined as any quantity of eligible plastic sprues sent in a single package. 
  6. Any further eligible waste plastic returns in the same calendar month as an already awarded recycling credit will still be recycled but no store credit, expenses or renumeration of any kind will be given.
  7. Recycling credit is in the form of a discount.  This discount will be delivered as a digital code to the email provided on the Games Den Plastic Sprue Return Form.  
  8. Games Den Ltd bear no responsibility or liability for loss of credit due to, but not limited to, incorrect or invalid email address, omission of email address on the Games Den Plastic Sprue Return Form, failure to use Recycling credit before the redemption deadline or delivery of credit code to spam or junk folders. 
  9. The Recycling credit is valid for 12 months from date of issue and is non-transferable.
  10. Only 1 recycling credit can be used per transaction.
  11. Games Den Ltd are not liable for any packages of recycling lost in transit.  Nor will Games Den Ltd reimburse any postage costs.  Any packages requiring payment for delivery will be refused with instructions to return to sender.
  12. Games Den Ltd reserve the right to change or withdraw the Sprue Recycling Scheme and the Recycling Credit at any time.  Any changes to the Sprue Recycling Scheme will be communicated on 
  13. Games Den Ltd reserve the right to exclude any individual from participating in the Games Den Sprue Recycling Scheme without notice for any reason.

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