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Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series Miniature Tekeli-Li


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Dungeons & Dragons Tekeli-Li Collectors Series miniature.  

When a gnoll’s ravenous hunger is so great that it craves flesh and blood even after death, it can rise as a vampire to continue its feeding frenzy. A gnoll vampire is a savage predator that feeds on the blood of the living, cackles maniacally when it catches the scent of its prey, and quickly moves in for the kill.

Auril came upon the starving, half-frozen creature and flung Tekeli-li into an icy tomb deep within the glacier. In doing so, the Frostmaiden sought to preserve what the gnoll had become – the embodiment of winter’s remorseless consumption.

Resin components.

1 Tekeli-li

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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